On this site I'll be sharing my real-time notes about my personal projects as they are underway. Topics include writing, reading, programming, music, productivity, politics, language learning, nutrition, parenting, and more. You can also find my writing in a more polished form at: * www.christinecorbettmoran.com * Comprehensive list of projects and links * https://corbett.medium.com * Polished blogs about the humanities * www.codexgalactic.com * Polished blogs about science, programming and productivity Thanks for stopping by - and feel free to reach out to me on Mastodon: https://hachyderm.io/@corbett ## Project Logs I'm keeping track of daily entries as I work on personal projects – including this site. Check out * [[2023-01 Monthly Projects]] * [[2023-02 Monthly Projects]] * [[2023-03 Monthly Projects]] * [[2023-04 Monthly Projects]] ## Healthy Eating I'm documenting some meals and strategies I found useful for [[Veganism and Steady Blood Sugar]]